Custom Dropper Assemblies

SRC Medical stocks several varieties of bulbs, caps, and pipettes.

The following is a brief description of the items available and the materials used for each component of the dropper assembly.

Pipette Options for Custom Droppers

Pipette Materials

  • Plastic: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and Clarified Polypropylene
  • Glass: Soda Lime or Type III And Borosilicate or Type I

Pipette Lengths

  • 41mm – 117mm in Plastic
  • 42mm – 130mm in Glass

Pipette Shapes

  • Straight or Pointed Tip Pipette: Available in both Glass and Plastic
  • Blunt  Tip Pipette: Available in both Glass and Plastic
  • Stub Tip Pipette: Available in Plastic Only
  • Bent Tip Pipette: Available in Glass Only

Cap Options for Custom Droppers

Cap Material

  • Polypropylene

Cap Standard Colors

  • Black
  • White

*Color Match Available

Cap Styles Available

  • Child Resistant
  • Tamper Evident
  • Fine Ribbed
  • Smooth Wall

Bulb Options for Custom Droppers

Bulb Materials Available

  • Dry Natural Rubber
  • Monprene
  • Santoprene

Bulb Colors Available

  • Black
  • White

Bulb Sizes Available

  • .8cc
  • 1cc
  • 2.0cc and 2.5cc upon request

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