Wholesale Medical Suppository Applicators

SRC has developed four styles of suppository medical applicators ranging in tip size to accommodate various size suppositories. We have designed the suppository applicator tooling to accommodate minimal changes to meet the needs of a unique suppository as may be requested by our customers. The 050 series suppository applicators are of a two-piece design that is pre-assembled and packaged in a configuration determined by the customer consisting of singles or multi-packs.

Just like our other applicators, our Suppository Applicators are typically sold bulk packaged in single packs as well as combinations of 3 packs, 5 packs and 7 packs and more! SRC also has vast experience in bagging these applicators into packs of just about any combination of our customers choosing. Please inquire about our packing options for our Vaginal applicators!

Our vaginal suppository applicators provide a more sanitary, safer alternative to flimsier applicators for medical use. When it comes to your health, sanitary practices and the targeted delivery of treatments are critical to efficacy. SRC Medical’s suppository applicators are sized to fit most suppositories (including size 0 and 00 suppositories) making insertion quicker, and more comfortable using durable, high-quality applicators that are designed for sanitary use.